Our Approach to Rebuilding Hybrid Battery Packs Produces a Reliable Alternative to Factory-New Batteries

Rather than boasting a “proprietary” process, the DC Battery Hub approach to rebuilding Hybrid Electric Vehicle battery packs is precise, independently standardized and validated for efficacy.

Every “donor” battery pack received by DC Battery Hub is inspected for its quality, cleaned, and prepared for rebuilding. Then, the battery cells are cycled (conditioned), analyzed and screened: taken precisely to their lowest healthy state of charge, recharged to their highest capacity, and then re-balanced to the original state-of-charge specifications. Only the best cells are kept; others are properly recycled.

After a sufficient number of high-quality conditioned cells are available they are reinstalled into the Hybrid battery chassis and evenly balanced to achieve an equal state of charge among all of the cells. The final battery product is then shipped to the installer for delivery to the end-customer.

DC Battery Hub utilizes technology created by Dr. Mark Quarto of QTS, LLC. and is distributed by FutureTech, a vehicle Electrification Technology solutions provider.