Your BATTSCAN hybrid analyzer kit comes in a box that includes a bag that contains an OBD scan tool, instructions on where to download the BATTASCAN app and activation instructions. At this time the BATTSCAN app is only available for the iOS platform. The Android app will be available at the end of the second quarter or the beginning of the third quarter. Note the scan tool acts as a router, so you will connect using WiFi not Bluetooth. Watch the video below to learn how BATTSCAN works and how this helps you determine if your hybrid battery needs to be replaced.

This video will walk you through the instructions on how to use the BATTSCAN. In the video, you just need to follow the simple step by step instructions that are given. This test will take you thru a series of five start stop cycles. Each start cycle is an aggressive acceleration and each stop cycle is an aggressive braking cycle. Note, you will need about three quarters of a mile of road to perform this test, so please proceed to an area where you will not interrupt the normal traffic patterns. The results from this video shows a battery that has failed the test and it instructs you to get your battery serviced. You will then be taken to a facility where the bad battery pack will be replaced by a good battery pack. Once the packs are switched out, you will be taken back to the area where the test will be performed again. Note the average miles per gallon in the beginning of the video and the again after the pack has been changed out. The end result is a successful battery test that show no issues with the replaced battery.